Mission Statement

The mission of our group is to aid women who have been diagnosed with cancer. When women are diagnosed with cancer, one of their greatest fears is losing their hair. We would like to provide these women with real-hair wigs and allow them to look into the mirror and still see a familiar face. We are organizing a hair drive to collect ponytails to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Pantene Beautiful Lengths works alongside the American Cancer Society and HairUWear to develop wigs that are given away for free. It takes 6 to 8 ponytails to make one wig that usually costs about $1,200. To make matters worse, this expense is usually only partially covered by insurance.

We will also be fundraising for the Entertainment Industry Foundation. According to beautifullengths.com, “Pantene is a proud supporter of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund. [This fund] was established to support innovative research, education and outreach directed at the development of more effective approaches to the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all women's cancers.” If an individual makes a monetary donation to Pantene, their money will be used to help research projects targeting prevention methods for women’s cancer. Ten percent of the donation will also go toward the creation of the real hair wigs.Through this project we would like to give women the opportunity to support and help other women who are fighting cancer. It is statistically proven that women are financially not as well off as men and may be less likely to make a monetary donation. Therefore, as a group, we feel this is a unique opportunity for women to help other women.



*Information from www.beautifullengths.com
Pictures from Google Images and beautifullengths.com